Hey there!

You've most probably clicked here because you want to know who the man is behind the camera.
Well, my name is Ed Thompson. People have called me Big E, Big Ed and most recently ThomCat to name a select few.
I am a FamilyHead ShotPortrait . and Sports Photographer based in Lorain Ohio.(able to travel darn near anywhere to satisfy our clients.
This year we are moving in to the Engagement and Wedding arena where we hope to make a new name for ourselves by offering the highest quality and service at the very best price points.
My wife Christine , is my partner and travels with me to all our shoots...  she is the "Cat" in ThomCat... (her initials by the way)!!

I’m a family guy, love to be challenged and have a miniature poodle named Izzy who has taken the place of our kids now that they are grown and gone on and active in their own endeavors.  We are actively involved with youth athletics in our own local school district, love to travel and still love to have fun when we are not busy helping you to create memories of your own.


I have been interested and involved in photography for most of my life.  We started this business because we thought we could provide better and personal service at way more affordable price points than the big guys out there.  We do not care to be the biggest but we sure want to be the best.  We want you to think of us as new friends.  That is how we approach our shoots whether it a Senior session or a Team Sports shoot.

This year is big for us as we are re branding Thomcat Photo in to 2 new labels... ThomCat Sports will specialize in all School Sports and Events as well as Action Sport photography.  Thompson Photography will specialize in all events of any kind including portraits, engagements, weddings and special requests.

These 2 brands will help to separate these entities while offering the same great service and quality you have come to expect while allowing us to market more efficiently and appropriately to these very different segments.

So, let’s now cut to the chase.

What’s my photography service like now?
Well, why not take it from my clients? Here’s what to expect:
- An unforgettable experience (for all the right reasons)
- To feel completely comfortable and relaxed (I’m not scary, promise)
- To have a laugh with a funny photographer (everyone says this)
- To have your personality captured (the good bits)
- Slick professionalism and exceptional, friendly quality (You get the picture)            
You’re different to the next person reading this, and I understand that.
As a matter of fact I’m also unique to the other photographers down the road; like traditional film photographers I take time on my retouching and editing, to the standard of fashion magazines.
Basically, this means the photo’s we produce will be completely authentic, and wholly unique to anything else you can imagine.
So, what are you waiting for? 
Get in touch!                                                                                                                           ThomCat Sports and Thompson Photography is based in Lorain, Ohio. We pride ourselves on our service, quality and affordable prices that are tailored to your individual needs.

We offer services that include Sport Photography both action and team shoots, banquets, parties, and studio and/or location portrait sessions for families and High School Seniors... soon to add engagement wedding service.

All photographs are digitally captured using Professional grade Nikon Imaging equipment and printed using some of the countries best photo processing labs.

Call 440-654-1284 or 440-396-3677